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Registration and Membership

Meeting cost is $15 payable at the door. SPS students are free, other students pay  $5.

Meeting attendees are automatically members of Washington Section AAPT.  To assist in pre-meeting planning we would like everyone planning to attend to pre-register using the form below.  It sends an email to the Section Representative who will filter the replies according to your subject line as described here.

Contributor Information:
The meeting theme is Active Learning With Classroom Demonstrations.  Traditional classroom demonstrations are often presented in a passive instructional mode.  This approach leaves many students unengaged and does not typically facilitate active learning.  How are you using classroom demonstrations to actively engage students?  Possible contributions include:

  • Your favorite demonstration tweaked to produce more active engagement
  • Activities that have embedded demonstrations
  • Variations and updates of interactive lecture demonstrations as previously described by others in physics education
  • Research results concerning the effectiveness of traditional and alternate modes of classroom demonstrations/activities

If you are proposing a talk or workshop please provide the  the following information: Your name, your institution, a presentation title, a several-sentence abstract and an estimated time for the presentation (the traditional format for talks is 10 minute or 15 minute talks with 5 minutes for questions - so 15 or 20 minute totals).  Workshop times can range from 50 to 90 minutes.  (Let us know if you have particular needs.)

Subject line choices and action taken.

  • WA-AAPT RSVP - No reply.  
    You will be counted as planning to attend
  • WA-AAPT RSVP, Add to list. - No reply.  
    You will be counted and your name will be added to our e-mail list.
  • WA-AAPT RSVP, Delete from list. - No reply.  
    You will be counted and your name will be removed from our e-mail list.
  • WA-AAPT, Delete from list. - No reply.  
    You will not be counted but your name will be removed from our e-mail list.
  • WA-AAPT RSVP, Contributor. - No immediate reply.  
    Your included talk or workshop proposal will be transmitted to the organizer.  Please see contributor information below.
  • WA-AAPT Other - Your message will actually be read for content and a response prepared within at least three days (typically less than a day).