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Fall 2015 Section Meeting:

The fall 2015 section meeting will be October 9th and 10th, 2015, at Heritage University, Toppenish Washington. 

The meeting theme is 
​     Active Learning With Classroom Demonstrations.  

Traditional classroom demonstrations are often presented in a passive instructional mode.  This approach leaves many students unengaged and does not typically facilitate active learning.  How are you using classroom demonstrations to actively engage students?  Possible contributions include:

  • Your favorite demonstration tweaked to produce more active engagement.
  • Activities that have embedded demonstrations.
  • Variations and updates of interactive lecture demonstrations as previously described by others in physics education.
  • Research results concerning the effectiveness of traditional and alternate modes of classroom demonstrations/activities.
  • ​Other talks of interest.

Time will be allocated to view demos and discuss how they can be optimized for active learning.  So, if you have a demo that you would like input on, please bring it.

As usual, please feel free to contribute presentations on other topics relevant to physics and physics education. 

Finally, if your students wish to showcase their scholarship, there will be space allocated to display posters.  Please let me know how many posters you intend to bring so I can arrange for adequate display space.  A formal poster session is under consideration, depending on available time in the meeting schedule.

Use the Registration Link above to send in your contributed talks.  or, email them directly to the conference organizer at  (